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After a long day of work by LixiD
by LixiD

This is my first ever critique, Sorry If it isn't that insightful. For a first genuine traditiional painting, this isn't half bad; give...





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United Kingdom
Who? Me? I'm just a nomad of ambitions who's sole desire is to have a profound effect on the world in anyways he can think of, if not, I'll just have fun while I still can.
If you've been watching me for a while you may have picked up on this by now, but I have a pretty bad habit of promising to upload more, get 2 or 3 pics in and then disappearing from the site for like 3 weeks/months.

There are 2 reasons (that I can see anyway) as to why this is often the case: one is the obvious which is laziness, which I always told myself was the only reason, but I know that it's not.
The other is that every time I upload something I can't help but feel this Overbearing sense of inadequacy, In both quality and variety. Depsite what some might think, I don't like having nothing to upload but Ponies, but as far as that goes, In my head I was always competing with folks like :iconassasinmonkey: trying to get my MLP stuff up to that level before shifting into different territory (yes that is just as stupid as it sounds). No matter how good people said my work was I always felt like I was coming up short, so I was essentially demotivating myself every time I did something and it just got frustrating after a while.

So I've decided what I'm gonna do is break for as long as I feel is necessary and privately train myself so that I can stop comparing myself to people with more experience and expertise than me. I'll still try to interact with people on here but I just won't be uploading anything, so yeah.
I have one more thing to upload before I break that I've had for a while, so look forward to that.
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Hello, my name is Samantha, and I really love you're drawing! :D
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m,azing arts friend!
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Happy birthday.
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A VERY happy birthday, Roulette! :iconpinkiepiecakeplz:
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many happy returns ^_^
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